What Is Name, Image, and Likeness?

Name, Image and Likeness (“NIL”) is defined as the three components of a person’s “right of publicity.”

On July 1st, 2021 the NCAA permitted student-athletes to be compensated on the basis of their persona rights if there was quid pro quo (something for something) without penalty for the first time in the NCAA’s history.

This sweeping change was the first of its kind in collegiate athletics. Currently, the NCAA has adopted interim NIL guidelines and state by state laws vary with some states not having any legislation at all. The long term expectation is that the federal government will intervene to create some uniform legislation around NIL but there’s no exact timeline for this to take place.

Popular NIL engagements include, but are not limited to: social media promotion, endorsements, appearances, autograph signings, camps and clinics, entrepreneurial endeavors, podcasts, radio shows, etc.

What Does Unbiased Mean?

Unbiased – Unbiased means that we do not make money from any transaction that athletes conduct within NIL. We are compensated to provide our education and consulting expertise and our typical client includes: athletic department and sports organization as educators and consultants and we will never tell an athlete to participate if he or she is not ready or does not want to. We empower athletes to make informed decisions around their NIL and the business of sports and to protect themselves but will not be impacted nor will we make or lose money if they decide to participate. We are focused on supporting athletes and being a resource due to our expertise and experiences.

Who are the Key Stakeholders in NIL?

Key stakeholders in the NIL ecosystem include: school officials, athletic directors, compliance directors, essential athletic department staff, coaches, college athletes, parents, media rights partners, corporate sponsors, boosters, alumni, brands and regional/local companies.

Whose Your Typical Client?

Our typical client consists of organizations that serve or interact with college-bound or collegiate athletes that must adjust to the new era of college athletics. We collaborate and with empower all key stakeholders impacted by the evolution of athlete rights and NIL.

Why Does My School Need Advance?

The most significant transformation in collegiate athletics has introduced a host of complex challenges and opportunities for every stakeholder in the collegiate athletics ecosystem. We partner with athletic departments, sports leagues and teams to provide strategic direction to complement internal resources to optimize NIL experiences.

How Much Does Advance Cost?

Our strategic solutions are customized for each client. We work with prospective partners to assess needs and gaps then outline our pricing tailored to the services we provide.